Mini Camps
Dates: August 7 – 9
Ages: 5 to 7 | 8 to 10

Every camp we host will focus on pointing our campers toward Jesus, building relationships, developing skills, having new experiences and having an awesome time! We aim to introduce all our campers to Jesus by creating space in each day for Bible teaching, conversations, and prayer through our Bible-focused times during the day – Morning Chapel, daily Cabin Devotional times, our nightly Vespers and through prayer that we will scatter throughout the day (before meals, before activities, etc.). We also make it a goal to give each camper opportunities to learn new skills and to develop skills through games, interest groups and activities.

We want to give every child the opportunity to come to camp. We understand that being a certain age doesn’t mean you are ready for a full week of camp, so we offer Mini Camps! We are aiming to meet campers where they are at through our mini camps. This camp is shorter but still full of adventure, fun, friends and learning about God.

Our top priority for your family is to provide a Fun, Faith-filled, Safe experience while at Camp!