We want to encourage co-operative behavior and respect towards leaders and fellow campers.

The following is a four stage discipline policy that was adopted and approved by the Board of Directors of Camp Tulakadik.

If a child/youth is disruptive, unmanageable or misbehaves, the cabin leader/leader will follow these guidelines:

  1. On the first instance, the cabin leader/leader will address the problem verbally. Should this measure fail to work, then;
  2. The second stage is separation of the child/youth from the rest of the group. Should this measure fail to work, then;
  3. The cabin leader/leader will seek out the Executive Director or designated leader for further assessment of the situation.
  4. If the improper behaviour continues, the fourth stage includes the involvement of the parent/guardian. The Executive Director or designated leader will contact the parent/guardian to discuss the situation and/or notify the parent/guardian to come and get the child/youth.

If our ministries are to continue to be effective, it is imperative that these procedures be followed with the co-operation of leaders, cabin leaders, parents/guardians, children and youth.