I am sure you have been watching the developments of COVID 19 closely, as we have been.  Currently, there are a number of unknowns relating to this virus and how everything will play out in the coming months as we begin to interact with others again.  Will there be more outbreaks in New Brunswick?  How will physical distancing affect camp?  In the last month, we have generated a number of options/scenarios as to how camp could look this summer but things always came back to the main question of safety for our campers, campers’ families, and staff.  The safety and wellbeing of campers is, and continues to be, a top priority. 

So, it is with heavy hearts that we are cancelling the traditional summer camping program at Camp Tulakadik for 2020.  It was a heartbreaking decision to make; we have been excitedly planning several activities, hiring staff, and doing our best to make sure this summer would be really special.  Above all though, safety and wellbeing come first.  We feel making a decision at this time will help give you clarity about our, and potentially your, summer plans. 

If you have registered a camper there are a couple of options for the fees already submitted:

  1. The registration could be carried over to the 2021 season. Dates will be out shortly.
  2. The funds from the registration can be donated in part or entirely and a donation receipt for income tax purposes will be issued. 
  3. The registration can be fully refunded.

Please email or call us if you have any questions or concerns at the contact info below.   

Just because there is no camp does not mean we will sit idly by.  Camp Tulakadik will be planning for the 2021 camping season.  Even though this is not the decision we wanted, it will provide an opportunity to refocus programs and update some of our buildings. The name “Tulakadik” means “meeting place,” and it seems like now, more than ever, we need a place like this where kids of all ages can have a safe place; a place for them to meet new friends, be challenged, and most importantly hear about God.  This is what Tulakadik has been for almost sixty years!  Even though traditional summer camping programs will not be hosted, we will strive to make Tulakadik a better meeting place than ever before…stay tuned!

Ben Canney
Camp T
Email: info@camptulakadik.com
Phone: 506.839.2964